The mysterious lake Story

Story about the lake from the epic Mahabharata long ago when the Pandava were wandering through this very forest they stopped to rest under a tree. Sahadev,the youngest brother,went in search of water and reached this lake .As he was about to drink the water a Yaksha (Celestial Being)of the lake appeared .The Yaksha warned Sahadev not to drink the water without answering his questions.Sahadev tired and thirsty paid no attention to what was said,and as soon as he drank the water he fell unconscious to the ground .The same happen with Nakul,Arjun and Bhim who one after another came to the lake in search of their brothers,finally Yudishthir the eldest and wisest reached the site just to see his brothers lying dead on the banks of the lake.Yudishthir with all humility attended to the questions of the Yaksha.The yaksha, pleased with his wise answers brought the dead ones back to life.



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