The Temple Half Buried

On the banks of ganga is a temple of Shiva at Dharli.Kalp Kedar by name,it is half buried in the ground.A huge Kalpavriksha(the tree which fulfills the righteous desire of the devotees)stand behind the temple hence its name Kalp Kedar.A long time ago about 10 kms downstreem near Jhala a land slide occurred over the river.the river was blocked and the water level rose high,Villages on the banks were submerged and and so was the temple.As time passed sand settled and the temple was completely buried under the ground.Years later the block at Jhala was washed off by the flowing water and the land under the water for years exposed.on excavation they found the kalash(top metal portion)of the temple again.The temple was dug out to the level that it is seen today.Presently the river flows at the same level of the temple underground,filling it with water and making it inaccessible.

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