Our car meet you at your hotel and drive to Raja Ji National park. It is about 20km long drive to reach Chila - gate to the Raja Ji National park and can take an hour to reach there by car. Once you reach there we get a permit for the safari in the park from the authorities. Entry into the park is not permitted after dusk. So it is best to move around within the park during the mornings and late afternoons and you never know, but you might be lucky enough to see some splendid animals. Travel a kilometer from the entrance gate to the park to an old machan, once used by hunters, but now provided as a useful place for visitors to watch for the park's various dwellers.

We take you for 35km long drive in side the park which takes about 3 hours. You will be able to see elephants, massive deer herds, wild boars, lesser cats and if you are lucky you will be able to see tiger and leopards. After 3 hours ride we come out of the park and car drive you back to your hotel in Rishikesh. Trip finishes at arrival back in Rishikesh.

5 Hours Available on request